2 February 2021

Craig Whelden picked up dozens of lessons on leadership and life…both good and bad. Hear him convey these in a compelling, inspirational, and sometimes very personal way. A “master storyteller,” he uses lessons from life to weave together take-aways on improving life, work, leadership, and interpersonal habits.

opens in a new windowGraystroke Media Podcast with Jess Larsen - Craig Whelden

22 January 2021

When you boil down the model for successful leadership, what do you have? Do those key aspects of leadership translate from military to public companies?

In this podcast, I’ll be discussing these and related topics with Craig Whelden--a retired Major General in the U.S. Army. Craig also served as a senior executive for nine years in the U.S. Marine Corps. If you are aware of the cultural differences between these two service branches, you’ll understand just how unique Craig is in bringing his leadership model successfully to both.

opens in a new windowThe Practical CMO - Craig Whelden

6 January 2021

Beyond Your Why - Leadership and Prioritizing What's Important In Life

Major General Craig B. Whelden believes that leadership is more than ordering people to do what you want them to do. He believes that leadership is perseverance, dedication, humility, strength, integrity, and someone who inspires others.

Listen as he tells story after story of contributing to our great country as a leader and how he chose to retire at a young age to prioritize what was important to him.

10 DECEMBER 2020

Human Capital Innovations Podcast - Character, Leadership's Basic Building Blocks

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Craig B. Whelden about his career in the military and his insights about successful and impactful leadership to bring the best out in your people

opens in a new windowHuman Capital Innovations, Episode #25


Unarmored Talk Presents Episode #5 with Major General Craig B. Whelden, United States Army (retired)

Major General Craig B. Whelden, United States Army (retired) joins Mario P. Fields to talk about his personal and professional challenges after experiencing a divorce and the death of his sister to suicide. And how his feelings, emotions, and thoughts influenced the outcome.

opens in a new windowUnarmored Talk, Episode #5

19 OCTOBER 2020

In Conversation with Major General Craig Whelden

Luminary Learning Solutions crafted this segment so YOU, our audience can be inspired to truly truly thrive! For today’s segment on In Conversation with, it is my privilege to introduce…

Major General Craig B. Whelden, U.S. Army (retired)

“Global Fortune 500” Speaker / Three-time Award-winning, #1 International Best-selling Author of ‘’LEADERSHIP THE ART OF INSPIRING PEOPLE TO BE THEIR BEST’’

opens in a new windowRSG3 - In Conversation with Major General Craig Whelden

24 JUNE 2020

The Global Mindset Forum

A movement uniting entrepreneurs, executives & business owners with 24 global thought leaders who have found prosperity during disruption! During the 3-day event, Craig spoke alongside Stephen Covey Jr., John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods Market), Mark Victor Hansen ("Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series) and more than a dozen other exceptional "thought leaders".

The Global Mindset Forum

22 JUNE 2020

The Going North Podcast with Dom Brightmon

Today features international bestselling and three-time award-winning author and motivational speaker, Major General Craig Whelden. Craig and Dom talk about Craig's military experience, why he wrote his book about leadership, and tons more!

4 JUNE 2020

Entrepreneurs & Intrepreneurs NEED Your Insights To Find Courage, Strength, & Hope

Empower Your Leaders To Take Initiative While Breeding A Culture Of Accountability. Michael J. Penney speaks with retired Major General Craig B. Whelden about the power of 5P and how his experience aligns with this leadership process.

24 MAY 2020

The Art of Inspiring People to Be Their Best with Military Veteran Craig Whelden

Listen in with Sean-Douglas, Life Transformation Radio, as he reviews "The Art of Inspiring People to be Their Best".

12 FEBRUARY 2020

Sarto Leadership Group - 013: Are Leaders Born or Are They Made? With Major General (ret.) Craig B. Whelden

Rob Fonte, host of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, sits with Major General (ret.) Craig Whelden to discuss how leaders come to be leaders - The very best leaders can be found by combining innate skills with world-class training.

10 FEBRUARY 2020

Doing it Right! The Stories That Make Us: Episode 7

A lifetime honoring the uniform and values of truth taught Major General Craig Whelden firsthand about leadership. During his 30 years serving in senior and executive positions in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, and in the corporate world, he brings to life his leadership lessons, now told in a compelling and personal way.

20 DECEMBER 2019

Futures Intelligent Leadership - Contextual Leadership, Self-awareness, Team Coherence, Leadership intent, Operating in Complexity

Craig and Dave Snowden explore contextual leadership, cognitive diversity to manage complexity, coherent teams and cultures, why many military command techniques are rooted in neuroscience, why changing process and relationship dynamics is more effective than trying to change people, the power of leadership self-awareness, the strengths and limits of 360 reviews, and the importance of real time feedback loops and leadership narrative.

16 DECEMBER 2019

Leaders of Transformation - Craig Whelden: Life and Leadership Lessons from A 2-Star General

Craig discusses the qualities of leadership, common pitfalls, and how to prioritize what is most important – both in life and family as well as in a time of national crisis.

16 NOVEMBER 2019

SET TO LEAD PODCAST: Leadership and Legacy with Craig Whelden

Craig shares his experiences and discusses paying it forward, learning from failure, and how to build leadership potential.

8 OCTOBER 2019

Soul of Business with Blaine Bartlett

Blaine is honored to host a truly special guest on this episode. On this interview with Major General (ret.) Craig Whelden they explore leadership and how, as Executive Director for Marine Corps Forces Pacific, he oversaw a multi-billion dollar program to reposition Marines in the Pacific - the largest such effort since World War II. Listen to the interview and learn how he kept the “soul” of his command in the forefront of his leadership efforts.

24 JULY 2019

INSPIRED LEADERSHIP with Susan Power and Tyler Bayley

Craig speaks with Susan and Tyler about what inspirational leadership means to him – drawing extensively on his award-winning, #1 International best selling book.

23 JULY 2019

ON THE OTHER SIDE with Jeffrey Lodick

Craig speaks with Jeffrey Lodick, host of On the Other Side: Leadership After Transition.

They discuss Craig's long career with both the Army and the Marine Corps, his transition to this newest chapter in his life as a speaker and author, and the release of his new book.

18 JULY 2019

Lead Like No Other with Patrick Veroneau

Craig speaks with Patrick Veroneau about a host of topics related to leadership and life lessons.  Patrick focuses on some of his favorite chapters from Craig's book.

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