Leadership: The Art of Inspiring People to Be Their Best

Major General Craig B. Whelden, U.S. Army (Retired)

Excerpt from the Official Review

"Craig Whelden is not only one of the best leaders I have come across. He is also an excellent storyteller and a great teacher.

We are all wired for stories, and the author often uses them in a gripping way to guide leaders towards becoming exceptional at their craft.

Whether you are in a leadership role in the Army, in corporate business, or you’re just reading the book because you love biographies, you will learn a lot from it.

I recommend it to anyone who aspires to become a better leader regardless of the industry.

Thus, I give Leadership 4 out of 4 well-deserved stars. "


Feedback from Readers

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Reminiscent of Jim Wilson's classic leadership book “Good to Great”

"For every facet of good leadership he observed over the course of his career, Whelden has substantive, relatable stories to tell, both about how he learned and acted in various situations and about the wisdom he gained and shared.

Where some how-to books from experts veer unhelpfully into a narrative that boils down to "be like me," Whelden's more reflective approach speaks to the potential leader in anyone with basics that he demonstrates can apply in any situation.

Inspirational and informational, Whelden's book is truly a worthwhile read."

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An Excerpt from Kirkus Reviews

“In the well-populated genre of leadership books, it’s exceedingly difficult to explore new territory. However, the author does so by freely drawing upon his own truly remarkable experiences during the transformation of the military following the Vietnam War to the conclusion of the Cold War, and beyond.

His extraordinary career, and the high stakes of his military life, lend the book an authority that one often doesn’t find in leadership literature. The author’s unflinching pragmatism is also a distinguishing virtue of this work, as his goal is to guide readers, not mollify them.

Overall, Whelden’s life story is as inspiring as his counsel is instructive. A straightforward and forthcoming guide to leadership that stands apart from others in its field.”

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